Failure to Listen

Food For Thought:

Why do people stop listening to each other?

In the wake of ubiquitous and gross injustices in #Ferguson #EricGarner #Gaza #Assange, I  started to think about Communication.

Yesterday while on Twitter (I am a recluse), it struck me that people were not listening to each other.   Interestingly,  I stopped listening to many people with opposing views.  Why?  I have a blog called Failure to Listen. My entire career was dedicated to listening and caring about others.  How did I get to a point of not listening?

  1. People are busy, and time is valuable. Certain words used at the beginning of statements are  an  absolute turn off  for me and other cultural groups.

2.  A bad day at work…with children it is a bad day at school.   A bad day at the office can make people mean, greedy and unwilling to share a crumb with others.


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